Cultural Appreciation & Inspiration: two relevant and recent articles from Interiors & Sources


We're pleased to share two articles in the recent Interiors & Sources. One by Pamela Kelly, Vice President of Branding for the Museum of New Mexico Foundation, and a profile of Lori Weitzner, founder of Weitzner Limited (Lori was a speaker at our First Biannual 2015 Museum Design Summit.)

Pamela wrote an informative piece on the importance of understanding the philosophical and practical differences between appreciation and appropriation when working with global materials for design inspiration. This is a topic we think is important for designers to be informed about, especially if they work with material or inspiration from other cultures.

Global Design: The Difference Between Appreciation and Appropriation by Pamela Kelly

The Future Is Individualism a profile of Lori Weitzner by Kadie Yale

A West Elm Rug (L) and the Native American Basket(R) that inspired it.

A West Elm Rug (L) and the Native American Basket(R) that inspired it.

As a designer who is continually inspired by the beauty in other cultures, Lori intrinsically understands the work of individual crafts people and how that imbues products with a unique quality.

“It’s selling successfully, so what does that tell you? The soul of that artisan is in the product, and people love that. Especially in this high-tech era—to have things that are soulful and tactile, and made from pure things—it’s really cool.”