Thank you to Valdese Weavers for providing the event photography! In keeping with the themes of the
summit, please use these photos respectfully and to be sure and credit their source and the context.

  • Photographs by Jennifer Wood, courtesy of Valdese Weavers.
  • Photographs are for Museum Design Summit attendees only, please do not share this link.
  • Link will expire on December 15th.
  • Photographs may be used in the following contexts, and in all cases, please reference the
    Museum Design Summit and the specific museum to which they may pertain:
    • Personal use – sharing with friends/family, on personal social media platforms
    • Business use – on business social media platforms as it pertains to your participation
      in the Museum Design Summit
  • Photos may not be used for print materials (personal or business) without express consent
    from the MNM Licensing Program.





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